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"Top Tips for Achieving Interview Success"

Achieving Job Interview Success

Every interview is different, even if it's for the same job. Don't rely on previous interview experience to get you successfully through the next one! Here's some tips on how you can give yourself the best chance of nailing the interview!

Before the Interview

  • Research the company & know your interviewers e.g, are they technical or Human Resource managers, is one of them likely to be who you report to? Knowing their job titles can give you an idea of what type of questions you may get asked

  • Re-read the job advert and review the CV or Resume you submitted with your application

  • Think about potential interview questions you may get asked and practise your responses - use the STAR method as a guide to structuring your behavioural based examples and work on your "tell us about yourself" response

  • Identify who you'll use as referees should the company require references

During the Interview

  • Stay focused and listen

  • Talk clearly and don't say too much but don't say too little!

  • Be positive and maintain eye contact

  • Relax, smile and be yourself!

After the Interview

  • Send post-interview "thank you" email

  • Provide feedback to your recruitment consultant (if applicable)

  • Reflect on the interview - what might you have said or done differently? how do you feel about the company and role? what will you say if they want to take you to the next stage of the process?

  • Ask for feedback should you be unsuccessful

Best of luck with your interview!


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