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CV or Resume Review

Is your CV or Resume letting you down because you don't know what to include or how to adapt it for each job application?

Your CV or Resume and Cover Letter are the documents that get you shortlisted.  They are all you have initially to convince a recruiter or hiring manager that they need to meet you.  If you don't get the content of both documents right,  you may be the perfect candidate for the job but end up missing out because they haven't seen your potential or suitability.

The session will include:


  • Reviewing job ads you’re applying or have applied for and the roles you’re looking at

  • Learning how to create master documents and then adapt as required

  • Working through the layout and content of your CV or Resume

  • Using keywords and cross-transferrable skills

  • Structuring your Cover Letter and what to include to ensure maximum impact

Why don't I write your CV for you?

Because if you understand how to set out your documents and adapt them for each application, you'll easily be able to make changes at any time in the future.

"Hi Penny.  I just wanted to share some good news! I secured a new role! I took your advice, built a great CV around specifically my supply chain/procurement experience and voila !  Thank you for your help! It made a world of difference"

KM - Seeking a career move

Combine anything from CV or Resume Review with content from either of these other sessions or call me to find out how we can work on what you would specifically like help with.

All coaching is one-on-one and online


First coaching session:  $150 per hour 

Any follow up coaching:  $125 per hour 

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