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Interview Coaching

Face to Face, Video, Panel, Group, Internal Whatever type of interview you're facing, I can help

Interviews can be nerve wracking! You know it may be your only chance to make a compelling case for getting selected, so naturally you want to do well. You don't want your nerves to get the better of you and end up saying too much or too little or worse still, have a mind freeze and not be able to think of good examples to the interview questions! 


The good news is that you can overcome those nerves and improve your interview skills with preparation, knowledge and practice. Here's some of the areas we can focus on depending on your situation:


  • Interview planning and preparation

  • Dress code, presentation and communication (face to face, video, panel, group, internal interviews)

  • Responding to interview questions – including “tell us about yourself”

  • Structuring your examples to behavioural interview questions using the S.T.A.R framework

  • Interview question role play and practice

  • Questions to ask at the end of an interview

  • Interview follow up protocol

Combine anything from Interview Coaching with content from either of these other sessions or call me to find out how we can work on what you would specifically like help with.

"Hi Penny.  Thanks so much for your help last week, it made a big difference for my confidence and I really think it helped me in nailing the interview!"

George - Fine Arts Graduate

How coaching is adapted to you

  • An initial phone conversation helps me understand your situation

  • If you decide to proceed (there's absolutely no obligation!),  I get you to send me your CV or Resume, cover letter and job information for roles you’re considering or applying for

  • Coaching advice, tips and interview question role playing is then tailored to those jobs

  • You'll receive a post-coaching email confirming key points for you to focus on, plus I'm available for 7 days post-coaching/pre-interview support if you need it

All coaching is one-on-one and online


First coaching session:  $150 per hour 

Any follow up coaching:  $125 per hour 

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