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Hi Penny.  I've just got good news, which is I've found a job!  I would like to thank you for those tips and instructions given to me in our meeting and those suggestions on CV modification and job-seeking methods, which really helped me get this job.  Thank you for your help Penny.  I hope you can help more people to get their dream job! 

Jessie - Quality Coordinator

Penny took me through an in-depth review of my skills and experience, the transferability over to a new role and provided clarity for me on what type of roles I should be applying for.  Going a step further Penny then linked through to how everything should be reflected in my C.V and LinkedIn profile.  I gained valuable insights and information I will be implementing.  A fantastic communicator and very authentic in her approach.  

"I felt very grateful and very lucky to be able to meet Penny. Under her relentless guidance, coaching and support, I have been able to improve my interview skills, career profile and networking significantly. She also showed me how & what to prepare for a good interview. After attending her coaching sessions, I feel very confident to attend any future job interview. In fact, I recently got a job with one of the biggest dairy companies in New Zealand. Her deep experience & expertise has enabled me to reach a new career milestone. I really wish I had met Penny earlier. I could not ask for a better mentor, and I would always recommend Penny to any person that I know who needs interview skills coaching"

Therick - Engineer

Maree - Executive Assistant/Office Manager

Hi Penny.  I secured a permanent post yesterday! Pretty sure it was thanks to the changes in my CV format you had a big thank you to you!

Justin - Accountant

Penny is a great career coach.  I feel so lucky that I had Penny as my career mentor.  I was a PhD graduate looking for my first industrial job in New Zealand but wasn't able to get an interview before Penny helped me with my CV.  She also helped me with my interview preparation and communication skills.  I wouldn't have been able to get the job I have just obtained in an international food company without her help.  I would definitely recommend Penny to my friends and anyone who needs interview coaching.

Lily - Technologist

Hi Penny.  Thanks so much for your help last week, it made a big difference for my confidence and I really think it helped me in nailing the interview!

George - Fine Arts Graduate

"Hi Penny.  I just wanted to share some good news! I secured a new role! I took your advice, built a great CV around specifically my supply chain/procurement experience and voila ! Thank you for your help! It made a world of difference"

KM - Seeking a career change

Hi Penny.  It was a joy to have you guide me in updating my CV and preparing for interviews.  I'd love to stay in contact and will seek your help again if I need to!

KL - Mechatronics Engineer

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