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Job  Hunting
How to get your ideal job

Build your brand and profile to gain access to the "hidden" job opportunities

If you’re starting to think about or are in the process of job hunting, you'll want to make sure you're accessing every possible job vacancy and not just the ones on job boards like Seek. Getting your ideal job starts with working out what you really want and why. Once you've done that, you build your brand and profile to open yourself up to those roles that are never advertised. As you see potential opportunities, you decide which ones to apply for and create an application that will give you the best chance of success.

In this session, there’s no set format as my advice, tips and guidance will always be adapted to you and your situation, but here’s some of the topics we could cover:  

  • Working out what you want and why

  • Selecting the right jobs to apply for

  • Using your skills and experience in a “different” role or career

  • Building your profile and brand 

  • Adapting your CV or Resume and Cover Letter 

  • Writing or adapting your LinkedIn profile and using contacts and networks

  • Working with recruiters

For most of us, looking for another job takes energy and it's often time consuming. Knowing how to access relevant opportunities across the entire job market, select the right ones and then make those applications count, will put you in a great position to get that ideal next job!

Combine anything from Getting Your Ideal Job with content from either of these other sessions or call me to find out how we can work on what you would specifically like help with.

"Penny took me through an in-depth review of my skills and experience, the transferability over to a new role and provided clarity for me on what type of roles I should be applying for.  Going a step further Penny then linked through to how everything should be reflected in my C.V and LinkedIn profile.  I gained valuable insights and information I will be implementing.  A fantastic communicator and very authentic in her approach"  

Maree - Executive Assistant/Office Manager

All coaching is one-on-one and online


First coaching session:  $150 per hour 

Any follow up coaching:  $125 per hour 

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