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9 Tips to Make Your Interview a Success

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Know what interviewers are looking for and then prepare!

Interview preparation tips from

Job interviews can be nerve wracking and not really something we look forward to, but you can increase your confidence and overcome those nerves through preparation and practise. While interviewers will always want to assess your technical skills and experience, they're also evaluating a range of other competencies, as well as the all important "how will you fit" into the team and/or company.

To help with your preparation, here's some suggestions on what to think about and plan for:

  1. Research the company thoroughly, including searching for media releases. Find out who their competitors are and where the company sits in terms of market share

  2. Know who you’re being interviewed by and look them up - understand their backgrounds/experience etc

  3. Read through the job ad and/or position description to make sure you understand the role as much as possible

  4. Be sure you know why you applied i.e what is it about their job that interested you?

  5. Know what’s in your CV or Resume – particularly if you’re applying for more than one role and have adapted it for each application

  6. Identify what makes you the perfect candidate for the role and how you will convey that

  7. Think about what technical and soft skills you would bring to the role

  8. Write down some examples you could use for the behavioural questions and how you will answer the "tell us about yourself question"

  9. Know what questions you want to ask at the end of the interview

At the end of the day, every interview has a format or structure, but they vary hugely depending on the interviewer, the company and the role. Irrespective of what format the interview takes, make sure you go into it with energy, confidence and personality!

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