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7 Job Searching Tips For New Grads

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Sometimes it's not easy standing out when you're competing against so many others..

7 Job Searching Tips for New Grads - Blog by Apply and Succeed Coaching

For those of you who have already found your first post-grad job - congratulations!

If you've just started looking or are in the process of applying, here are some tips:

  • Job Adverts - read each one carefully and identify key responsibilities and requirements for the role. You don't need to tick every box, but if you feel there's a good match with your qualification, skills and experience, then take time to adapt your CV/Resume and cover letter to highlight them before applying.

  • Direct company applications - many companies have a careers page or similar where you can check out their current vacancies but also upload your CV / Resume for future opportunities. This can be a good way to get your details into a company, without having to wait for a job to come up.

  • LinkedIn - if you've already got a profile, make sure you change it to reflect your graduation and include as much internship/work detail as possible. If you don't have a profile, set one up! LinkedIn is used by many recruiters/companies to search for candidates, plus you can set up job alerts and specify that you're open to opportunities.

  • Use your networks - Finding work is as much about who you know as what you know, so connect with as many "relevant" people on LinkedIn as possible and ask friends and family to spread the word that you're looking for work.

  • Seek & Trade Me profiles - as with LinkedIn, update these if you have them or create them if not! Recruiters/companies are able to search Seek and Trade Me profiles for potential candidates, so make sure the information on both is up to date and accurate.

  • Social media - e.g Facebook, Instagram. Potential employers may look at all your social media profiles when considering your application, so make sure you've updated your privacy settings to ensure they only see what you want them to see!

  • Job application feedback - keep a record of the roles you apply for and each outcome. If you get to interview stage but aren't successful, ask for feedback as that may help you with the next one.

Finally - don't get despondent! . There'll be a job out there that will get your career started, you just have to keep looking, think outside the square if necessary and be proactive!

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