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7 Tips For Keeping Social Media "appropriate" When Job Searching

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Social Media Accounts - Advice when job searching by Apply and Succeed Coaching

Most of us have at least one social media profile, but many of us have several. We spend a lot of time (probably too much!) posting & sharing without much thought, but what if you're looking for a new job?

Research has shown that a significant number of recruiters and employers use social media sites to check out potential employees, so check out these 7 social media tips to keep your online presence "professional"!

  1. LinkedIn - Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date, well-written and your photo looks professional. LinkedIn is usually the first of your profiles to be checked and the go-to option for most hiring managers and/or recruiters. Also ensure your information matches your CV or Resume as employers don't like to see differences between the two.

  2. Privacy Settings - Look at the privacy settings on your other social media accounts. Shut down access to areas of your profile that you don't want anyone other than friends and/or family to see (view as a member of the public to check your content) and don't get tagged into any photos unless you've given permission.

  3. Google yourself - Google your name and see what pops up. If you're leading a fairly ordinary life, you won't expect much to surface, but it's amazing what information is out there - including stuff you've probably forgotten about! And don't forget to click on the Images tab to check those out too. If you find something you'd rather not be seen, then delete it before you start applying!

  4. Know and manage your friends as they're not all created equal! While it's great to have a large group of friends from different areas of your life, you may want to look at how you manage shared information with those whose personality and content may not reflect you and your values. No point telling a future employer that your values align with theirs, when your social media accounts paint a very different picture!

  5. Feedback to companies - many of us use Google Reviews or post feedback direct to online retailers, hospitality venues etc. All good if your feedback has been polite and to the point, but if you've had a rant and used inappropriate language, you may want to consider removing it

  6. Don't bad-mouth current or past employers in posts, comments or reviews. Posting negative comments about previous employers or colleagues is unacceptable on any forum, so keep your thoughts to yourself or to people you can trust not to share.

  7. Post, comment, share - out of work hours! - a potential employer can see what you've posted but more importantly what time you did it! If you're posting during work hours, it's likely to raise red flags about whether you'd do the same if they employed you.

Finally, don't let your guard down even once you've got that amazing new job. Your social media presence is always available for viewing and you never know who might be looking!


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