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Tips For "Acing" a Video Interview

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

How can you make your online interview a success? Preparation is key...

video interview tips from Penny Langstaff at

If you're interviewing in a different town or city (or if we're in a Covid lockdown situation), it's likely your interview will be on-line and not in person. You still need to do the same interview preparation in terms of your research and have some interview question examples ready, but here are some tips on what else can make your video interview successful.


  • Where possible, set up your device in a room or area that is going to be quiet and away from a window where any sunlight could cause you to be in shadow or difficult to be seen

  • Adjust your screen to ensure there’s nothing behind you that’s likely to be a distraction. You want the interviewers to be focused on you and what you’re saying rather than the books on your bookcase or the painting behind you!

  • Login and check that your camera and microphone are working. When you receive the interview invitation, the video software may require you to adjust your settings, but knowing that your camera and microphone works, can remove some pre-interview nerves

  • Where possible, do a video call with someone who can tell you how your set-up looks and sounds

Set-up and presentation

  • Make sure you are close enough to the screen but not right on top of it! Ideally, you want to be viewable from your waist up, rather than just a head shot and to be looking directly at the screen rather than down or up

  • Treat the interview as if you were there in person. Although you may be feeling more relaxed because you’re at home, you still need to present professionally and dress appropriately

The interview

  • Before the interviewer(s) start asking their questions, make sure you can hear them and if not, let them know so that adjustments can be made right at the start

  • Always maintain eye contact. This is particularly crucial in a video interview where the interviewer(s) can only see part of you. Don’t have anything around on your desk/table that’s likely to be a distraction

  • Don’t look away from the screen when you’re answering a question. Facing your microphone ensures you’re easily heard

  • Position yourself in your chair as if you were sitting in front of the interviewer(s) and try not to lean forward or back as if you're talking to a friend!

  • Have a glass of water handy so that you can take a sip when needed

  • Smile and just be yourself!

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