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Helping Job Seekers Succeed

CV and Resume Review
Interview Coaching
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One-on-one, online, personalised coaching

Where are you at right now?


  • You're thinking about a new job but unsure what roles to apply for?

  • You've got a CV or Resume and cover letter but aren't sure what the layout should be or what to include?

  • You're applying for jobs but not getting much success and don't know why?

  • You've got a LinkedIn profile but you never get contacted about potential new roles?

  • You struggle with interviews because you lack confidence or don't know how to answer the questions?  

The good news is that all of these can be turned around with preparation, knowledge and practise

Penny Langstaff, Interview Coach, Apply and Succeed Ltd

The values that are important to me






Hi, I'm Penny 

I’ve set up Apply and Succeed to provide you with advice and support on any part of the job application process. There are 3 coaching options, but any of the content can be combined or mixed - basically, whatever you need support with is what we'll focus on. For most people, 1 hour’s coaching enables them to implement changes or polish up their skills to achieve positive results. My advice and guidance is always professional but in a relaxed and informal setting, so think of it more like a conversation and discussion than formal tuition!

You can read more about me here or if you’d like to find out how I could help, please do give me a call.  You're under no obligation to proceed and it might just help you find out whether coaching's going to be right for you.

How & Why Coaching Works

  • You receive dedicated one-on-one advice that's all about you and your applications. Online information is broad and could apply to anyone.

  • I look at every aspect of your application and then focus on what needs changing. We work together to turn negative outcomes into positive ones.

  • You get support and advice that will increase your confidence.  Many people have all the knowledge and skills to succeed, but lack self-belief.

  • I provide on-going phone/email support for 7 days following coaching to ensure you have continued help and advice

"Hi Penny.  Thanks so much for your help last week, it made a big difference for my confidence and I really think it helped me in nailing the interview!"

Who do I help?

I've met and helped people from a wide range of industries and backgrounds from office based staff, through to those in retail, hospitals, schools and the fire service.  


Whether you're just starting out or well into your career, I can advise you on finding and applying for the right jobs, creating or updating your CV or Resume, using your LinkedIn profile and network of contacts or getting your interview skills polished so that you stand out at interview.

Overseas and committed to relocating to New Zealand? I can help you target appropriate jobs, prepare your CV or Resume and Cover Letter for the NZ market and guide you through the job application process.  Find out how to ensure your documents include what we look for here, etiquette for contacting companies and recruiters and interview formats.

Just a few of the backgrounds of people I've helped

  • Graduates & interns

  • Engineers

  • Public Sector staff

  • Fire Service applicants

  • Clergy

  • Teachers

  • Food Technologists

  • Analysts

  • IT Managers

  • Customer Service Staff

  • Retail Managers

  • Doctors

  • Accountants/Finance staff

  • Personal Trainers

  • Administrators

  • Legal Assistants

Coaching Options

Coaching options

Your CV or Resume & cover letter should get you shortlisted. The right content and layout is crucial

You may only have one chance to impress. Preparation and practice are your keys to success

Job Ads, Hidden Job Market, LinkedIn Profile and networks.  Access all possible available opportunities 

"Penny took me through an in-depth review of my skills and experience, the transferability over to a new role and provided clarity for me on what type of roles I should be applying for.  Going a step further Penny then linked through to how everything should be reflected in my C.V and LinkedIn profile.  I gained valuable insights and information I will be implementing.  A fantastic communicator and very authentic in her approach"  


Maree - Executive Assistant/Office Manager



To book a coaching session or your free, no-obligation 15 minute phone consultation,

call me on 021 246 6334, email
or complete the form below and I'll be back in touch within 24 hours.

Thanks for your message!

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